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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the GOTY award-winning action-adventure game developed by FromSoftware, creators of the Souls series and Bloodborne.

Originally meant to be the spiritual successor to FromSoftware's Tenchu, it began development in 2015 after the completition of the Old Hunters DLC for Bloodborne and was released worldwide for PC, PlayStation4 and Xbox ONE in March 22 2019. It was also ported to Stadia on October 28 2020.

Following the victory at The Game Awards 2019 for the title of Game of the Year, a free update adding a boss rush mode and new custom skins for the protagonist was released on October 28 2020 and incorporated into the new release titled the Game of the Year Edition.


In the late years of the war-torn Sengoku Japan, a bloody conflict is tearing apart the northern land of Ashina. An orphan is found in the aftermath of a battlefield by the shinobi called the Owl. Trained relentlessly, he comes to be known as the master ninja Wolf and is entrusted by his foster father with the duty of protecting a boy named Kuro.

When the estate where the young lord resides is sieged by bandits, the shinobi loses his life to rescue him, but is reborned when Kuro decides to repay his loyalty by giving him his special blood that grants the power of resurrection.

Believing he failed to save his master, Wolf mourns in disgrace, until the letter dropped by a mysterious woman sparks a new hope in him: Kuro still lives and, as dictated by the shinobi code, it's up to Wolf to take him back. Attempting to escape, the two find themselves face to face with Genichiro, who wants to use Kuro's powers to repel the warlord attacking his land. The defeated shinobi will lose his lord again and his left arm too.

Much time later, Wolf wakes up in a dilapidated temple, with his missing arm replaced by a prosthetic. The hermit who gave it to him explains it's a ninja device that can take many forms. Under his new identity of Sekiro, the one-armed Wolf, the shinobi is now ready to claim revenge…


Unlike with other action games, the focus of Sekiro's combat isn't to deplete the opponent's vitality exclusively, but to clash swords with them until their posture is broken, which leaves them open to a critical strike. Deflect swings, jump above sweeps, step on thrusts and attack as they recover, don't give your enemy a moment of relief!

Wolf can upgrade his prosthetic arm to turn it into many offensive and defensive tools and can learn advanced combat arts to be better prepared to face even the most daunting of foes. Studying an enemy to find their weakness and exploit it is the key to victory.

As a shinobi, Wolf can easily exploit stealth to stab his enemies in the back or to separate large groups to take each individual one on one. Jumping and grappling to the highest spots allow to have a clearer vision of the surroundings and to plan the best route to approach an area.

The vast world in populated not only by mandatory and optional bosses, but numerous mini-bosses too. In Ashina lurk things even more frightful than master samurai…


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